Historical Timeline

Welcome aboard our historical timeline! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through our history.

You’ll start with a brief visit to the late 1800s when Fairport Schools first began. We’ll quickly transport you into the early 1900s where you’ll get to see the forming of our “First Team”. From there you’ll begin gliding through almost one hundred years of our story. You’ll hear great tales of our “Cagers” and “Quints”, positions like “Left Forward” and “Right Guard”, and great rivalries both old and new. You may wonder what might have been if it weren’t for that “carbuncle” in ’32 or the in-game measles outbreak of ’35? Be sure to take note of the uniforms as they ebb and flow with the fashion of the times. (Did they really wear those belts?) You’ll learn of our early legends like the Bramer twins, 6 foot 10 Levi Hallings, and the Slade brothers. They pave the way for future heroes like Downey, Masino, and all of the elite players that have earned the right to don the “Red and Blue”! You’ll also meet Fairport icons like Coach Joseph Cummings, who was billed as the “Original Raider”. Then we’ll stop and pause in the Winter of 1967 so that you can bear witness the birth of the Fitch Era! You’ll have a front row seat to the vastness of Jeff Fitch’s epic career and all nine of his Coach of the Year Awards! Then you’ll watch a young Scott Fitch blossom from team manager as a 5th grader, to an iconic player in the 80’s, and then to accepting the torch from his father to lead the Raiders into the 21st century!

This is our origin story. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy!

The beginnings of FHS
Once upon a time...

In 1874, the New York State Board of Regents accredited the former Fairport Classical and Union Free School on West Church Street in the Village of Fairport as a high school. Prior to the introduction of high school classes to Fairport, families with the means could send their teenage children to academies or seminaries in nearby towns.

Fairport High on West Avenue
All Under One Roof
Fairport High School on West Avenue

In September 1924, Fairport High School was opened to students. The state-of-the-art structure, designed by O.W. Harwood and B. Dryer, and located on West Avenue, had two stories and was built at a cost of less than $300,000. The Fairport School District had been growing rapidly, expanding from a total student population of 500 in 1914 to over 1,000 just ten years later, so the new school meant that for the first time in several years, all students could attend full time.

The inaugural season
The First Team
1925-26 Varsity

The earliest team on record was formulated for the 1925-26 season. The team was coached by Walter Taylor (pictured in the top right). They had a record of 15 wins and 6 losses.

Early 1927
Early Winnings
Our First Section Champions!
1926-27 Varsity

In his second and final season, Coach Walter Taylor and the Bramer Twins lead the team to a 23-5 record. They were crowned the "One Section Champion" here in Rochester. Fairport fans boarded a special train to Buffalo to watch them compete at a state level. They ultimately lost a hard fought game against Yonkers in the state semi-finals, but won over the hearts of Fairport fans. Read more about this special team and their journey here

Late 1927
Paying Immediate Dividends
Coach Richardson
Coach Howard Richardson

Colgate's own Howard Richardson comes aboard and wins the League Championship in his first season. Howard coaches the "Red and Blue" for 3 seasons.

The 1930s start strong
Coach McWilliams
Coach McWilliams

Coach McWilliams begins his run of 4 seasons to kick off the 1930s. They win the League Championship in his first year. Hopes were high for a deep sectional run, but an untimely "carbuncle" takes out a star player and seals the fate of the Red and Blue.

Competitive Program
Coaches Tarbell and Burton
Coach Tarbull and Coach Burton

Coach Tarbell coaches the '34-'35 season and Burton coaches the '35-'36 season. Everyone knows how competitive Fairport Basketball is today. It was no different back in the day. Our archives show that 72 young men tried out in '34 and 60 in '35. Credit Coach Tarbell for running an intra-mural basketball program for several years, allowing those who didn't make the team to experience the game.

Coach Cummings - Take One
Coach Cummings
Fairport's First Team

Fairport legend Joseph Cummings begins his first coaching stint with the team. He leads the "Red and Blues" to two League Championships over the next 5 seasons.

Coach McGinn delivers quickly
Coach McGinn
Coach McGinn

Coach McGinn begins his three year his tenure with the team in the 1941-42 season. The team wins the League Championship in his first season.

Coach Brennan begins his tenure
Coach Brennan
Coach Brennan

Coach Brennan then takes over and leads the team from 1945-1947. Tommy Brothers scored 22 points in one game, which was near a county record for that time.

The Original Raider
Coach Cummings Returns

Coach Cummings comes back to coach the team for four more seasons. He continues to cement his legacy as one of Fairport's most prominent historical figures. Among so many notable contributions, in 1952 he is the reason that Fairport's Hourglass yearbook begins coining the term "Fairport Raiders" when talking about the sports teams. Read more about Joseph Cummings and his amazing legacy here.

Coach Ray Williams takes the reins
Coach Williams
Coach Williams

Coach Williams takes over for the first three seasons of the 1950's. The teams fought hard and steadily improved. Late in the third season, the squad took down the B champs (Rush Henrietta), the C champs (Penfield) and our rivals from East Rochester in succession!

Coach Wes Paddock begins his 13 year term
Coach Paddock
Coach Paddock

Coach Wes Paddock takes over and commandeers the Red Raiders from 1954-1967, giving the program some much needed stability.  Coach Paddock and his young Raiders will find success fast...

Sectional V Champs!
Sectional Champions
1954-55 Varsity

The date, Saturday night March 26, 1955. The location, Edgerton Park Sports Arena in Rochester, NY. Fairport edges Newark in an overtime thriller 64-61 to win the Section V Championship! The team was led by the county's leading scorer Bob Albrecht. Levi Hallings stood 6 feet 8 inches, and he was still growing! Read more about this amazing season here.

Coach Quiggle steers the ship for 1 season
Coach Quiggle
Coach Quiggle

Coach Jack Quiggle comes to us from Detroit, MI. In his one and only season the team struggles to a 1-17 record. Things were looking bleak for the Red Raiders, but our fortunes were about to change in a very big way.

The Fitch Era Begins
Coach Jeff Fitch
Coach Jeff Fitch

The Red Raiders catch the break of a lifetime and hire Jeff Fitch as their head coach. Jeff had an amazing career as a player and is now ready to try the game from a different angle. He begins a legendary coaching career that will span over 33 years and deliver over 450 wins to the Raider faithful.

Read more about our iconic Jeff Fitch here.

1974-75 Sectional Champions
Sectional Champions
1974-75 Varsity

Coach Fitch leads the 1974-75 team to a Section V AAA Championship in style!

See more about that team here.

1st Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #1

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the first time.

2nd Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #2
Jeff Fitch - 1975

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the second time.

3rd Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #3

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the third time.

4th Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #4

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the fourth time. We are not even half way there!

Scott becomes Varsity Team Manager
Scott becomes Team Manager
1981-82 Varsity

That little guy on the far left is Scott as a fifth grader. He  becomes the Varsity Team Manager for the next 3 seasons. This lays the groundwork for his immense future success as a player and a coach.

Scott begins his Varsity playing career
Scott joins the Varsity team
1987-88 Varsity

Scott plays his first year on the Varsity team as a Junior averaging 11.7 points.

5th Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #5
Jeff Fitch - 1987

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the fifth time. Five times, and he is still going!

Scott plays his final year for the Red Raiders
Scott's Senior Year
1988-89 Varsity

Scott plays his final season for the Red Raiders averaging 19 points per game. Scott is named to the All Greater Rochester Team. The team finishes 19-4 and makes it to the Sectional Semi-Finals.

6th Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #6
Coach Jeff Fitch

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the sixth time. Six times!

7th Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #7
Jeff Fitch - 1993

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the seventh time. Seven times is amazing, but he isn't done just yet.

8th Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #8

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for the eighth time. The legend continues.

9th Coach of the Year Award
Coach of the Year #9

Jeff Fitch named Section V Coach of the Year for an incredible ninth and final time. Truly amazing to earn so much respect, admiration, and recognition for his mastery of coaching.

Scott joins as an Assistant Coach
"Like Father, Like Son"
Scott and Jeff Fitch in 2001

Scott serves as Assistant Coach in Jeff's final season. Jeff cherished coaching Scott during the '87-88 and '88-89 seasons. Scott wanted to be part of his father's final season and hopes to carry on the Fitch tradition in Fairport in the next season. (Spoiler alert, he does!)

The baton is passed
Scott Fitch begins his coaching career
2001-02 Varsity

As Jeff's epic coaching career comes to a close, Scott's legendary coaching journey begins. In his first year, he wins Section V Coach of the Year Award leading the Raiders to and 18-5 record and a spot in the Sectional Championship. The Raiders lose a hard fought game by 5 points, but it is clear that the "Fitch Legacy" will continue strong in Fairport.

Jeff Fitch inducted into the Section 5 Hall of Fame as a coach
Jeff Fitch - Section V Hall of Famer

From the Section 5 Hall of Fame Induction Program: He was a long-time basketball coach at Fairport High School, where he amassed a 406-169 record, and an overall scholastic coaching record of 458-230. He was the recipient of the Coach of the Year Award nine times ('74, '75, '77, '80, '87, '91, '93, '94 and '00). His teams won one Section V title in the 1975, along with their 12 Monroe County League Championships. To honor his retirement and contributions to Fairport High School, the basketball court was dubbed "Jeff Fitch Court." He was an All-League MVP and All-American basketball star at East Texas State University, where he received his degree in 1967.

Scott Fitch inducted into the Section 5 Hall of Fame as a player
Scott Fitch - Section V Hall of Famer

From the Section 5 Hall of Fame Induction Program: Scott was a flashy shooting guard for the Fairport Red Raiders, where was named to the All Greater Rochester Team in his senior year (1988-899). Played his college basketball at SUNY Geneseo, where he was a four-year SUNYAC First Team selection. He was the 1993 Rochester Press Radio Club honoree as Local Collegiate Athlete of the Year. In that same year, he was named the NCAA Division III Basketball Player of the Year. He completed his career at Geneseo with 2,661 points, ranking him as the #6 player all-time in NCAA Division III basketball scoring. Followed his father as the coach of the Fairport Red Raiders, and gained Coach of the Year honors in his rookie season by leading his team to an 18-5 season, losing the Section V Class AA championship by five points in the Championship game.

2005-06 Sectional Champions
Sectional Champions
2005-06 Varsity

The 2005-2006 team wins the Section V AAA Championship over Rush-Henrietta in a 52-50 classic!

Read more about these champions here.

2006-07 Sectional Champions
2006-07 Varsity

The 2006-2007 beats Rush-Henrietta at Blue Cross Arena to repeat as the Section V AAA Champions!

See more about that team here.

Fourth time is a charm!
Sectional Champions!
2016-17 Varsity

After reaching the Section V Class AA finals four times in a row, the Raiders break through with a win against U-Prep! The 2016-2017 take home the Brick!

See more about that team here.

Our story continues...
Present Day

Thank you for taking a journey through our history. As a we approach our 100th year of Fairport Basketball, we pay homage to all those that came before us. We are also confident that our young Raiders will carry on the rich tradition of our program for another 100 years and beyond! Go Raiders!