1926-27 Varsity




1926-27 Varsity
(Not in order:) "Dad" or "Garcon" Bramer, "Petit" Bramer, "Boo" Aldrich, "Rip" Hogan, "Weak" Goyette, "Rosie Sheik" Gears, "Sinkem" Doyle, "Grouchy" Hogan, "Jolly" Watson, "Slow" Samacca, "Feathers" Walling


League Champion

Section V Semi-Finalist

Section V Finalist

Section V Champion

State Semi-Finalist


Head Coach: Walter Taylor
Aldrich, ThomasRight Guard28853.0
Bramer, DacostaXLeft Guard252188.7
Bramer, LewisLeft Forward281766.3
Doyle, JeromeCenter1120.2
Gears, PaulLeft Forward1420.1
Goyette, BertCenter281304.6
Hogan, EmersonRight Guard661.0
Hogan, NelsonRight Forward22632.9
Samacca, SamuelLeft Forward11686.2
Walling, StuartLeft Guard1760.4
Watson, ArthurLeft Guard1390.7

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
11/25/1926W40-17Avon @ Fairport
11/27/1926L16-26Greigsville @ Greigsville
12/3/1926L11-19East High @ Fairport
12/10/1926W48-14Charlotte @ Fairport
12/17/1926W25-12Spencerport @ Fairport
12/29/1926L18-19Rochester Shop School @ Rochester
1/7/1927W18-12Irondequoit @ Fairport
1/11/1927L20-35U. of R. Freshmen @ Rochester
1/14/1927W40-16Webster @ Webster
1/15/1927W29-17Ithaca @ Ithaca
1/21/1927W15-10East Rochester @ Fairport
1/26/1927W30-18Geneva @ Fairport
1/28/1927W19-17East Rochester @ East Rochester
2/4/1927W24-13Webster @ Fairport
2/11/1927W31-14Irondequoit @ Irondequoit
2/12/1927W58-25Rochester Shop School @ Fairport
2/16/1927W27-26U. of R. Freshmen @ Fairport
2/18/1927W30-25Spencerport @ Spencerport
2/19/1927W42-24Brockport @ Fairport
2/25/1927W39-14Pittsford @ Fairport
2/26/1927W30-23Geneva @ Geneva
3/4/1927W20-17Pittsford @ Pittsford
3/5/1927W31-23Ithaca @ Fairport
3/10/1927W39-23Greigsville @ Rochester
3/12/1927W21-14East High @ Rochester
3/18/1927W16-13Corning @ Rochester
3/24/1927W28-22Oswego @ Buffalo
3/25/1927L22-25Yonkers @ Buffalo

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

The gridiron heroes after having a hundred percent record, left the pigskin and field, which resembled a wavering sea of mud, to enwrap themselves in the “red and blue” of basketball. A magic star must have shown upon the basketball career of Fairport High School, which developed little stars out of every player. Headed by the greatest star, “Dad” Bramer, now peacefully enjoying an all-state guard berth, the maroon came through with a crashing victory of 40-17 over the Avon quint. Coach Taylor said that was fair work for an opening night.

The following week found Fairport High taking defeat with a smile at the hands of Greigsville. (The reserves started). The score was 26-16. East High walked away with a hard earned victory on December 3, 1926. Coach Fowle of East High did not think it safe to use “subs” in this game. The score was 19-11.

By the next game, the jinx was entirely out of the “Red and Blue.” When the whistle sounded, we were enjoying a lead of 48-14 over the Charlotte outfit. These preliminary games to the league schedule put Fairport in excellent shape for the opener.
Spencerport came here, powerful and strong on December 17, 1926, only to be showered under an avalanche of 25-12 score.

The Shop School of Rochester and the U. of R. Freshmen both annexed narrow victories over the “Red and Blue” in close contests. This last defeat marked the Fairport quint’s beginning of a remarkable string of twenty straight victories.

We took Webster High into camp for a 40-16 victory as the commencement night for the record season.

Fairport High School established athletic relations with Ithaca High School. The boys had a glorious time there; they were hospitably welcomed, but they just couldn’t lose. The score was 29-17.

Then came the contest of the season on January 21, 1927. Our most welcomed rivals, East Rochester High, came here to avenge last year’s defeats but fell on the short end of a 15-10 score.

Relationships were athletically arranged between Geneva and Fairport. The affair was celebrated by a basketball contest on January 29, 1927 in which we were on the long end of a 34-18 score.

The star quint next traveled to Irondequoit, where Coach Taylor’s outfit turned in the seventh straight league game. The score was 31-14.

No team this season has the privilege of boasting two victories over the “Red and Blue.” “Tech High” tried but failed with a 58-25 score.

U. of R. Freshmen, with an earlier victory to brave them, came the closest to a second victory of any other quint. The score was 27-26.

Another new team added to the Fairport schedule was Brockport. Though they were much older, they succumbed under a score of 42-24.

The Pittsford game proved to be a rival contest. This game will long be remembered because of “Dad” Bramer’s high scoring record of twenty five points in a single contest. He only played three quarters; his score was almost twice that of his entire opposing team. The score of this game was 39-14.

By virtue of another victory over Pittsford on March 4, 1927, by a close score of 20-17, the maroon ended the league season with a clean slate of ten victories and no defeats. Far more glorious, however, was the privilege of competing in the Sectional Tournament in Rochester of which Fairport High is champion.

A banquet was held previous to the first game of the tournament at which lots were drawn for the purpose of matching the teams. Fairport drew Greigsville High, who at that time was favored to win. That evening, however, the boys had an easy time, winning by a score of 39-33. At half time Fairport led 27-15. It was not until the last minutes of play, while a tremendous Fairport crowd, composed of students and townspeople, cheered happily with victory in sight, that the “Red and Blue” slackened and Greigsville rolled up the score to a closer game. A smile played joyously on the lips of Coach Taylor.

The next game was with East High. They were favored because of their previous 19-11 victory. But the iron boys of Fairport, with their iron defense, conquering blood and a loyal group of Fairport rooters, surprised the spectators by handing the orient a pretty 21-14 defeat. Only two East High players scored from the field. While Fairport was enjoying successive victories over Greigsville and East High, Corning Academy was doing the same to Lyons and Canandaigua.

The following week both teams clashed. The athletes of both the checker and maroon teams were in excellent condition. One of the largest crowds to ever attend a tournament was present. Many were disappointed. First one team, then the other would take the lead, and the victory was uncertain for either team. But when the final gun barked, Corning was trailing at the short end of a 16-13 count. “Dad” Bramer, star guard and Captain for Fairport, led the tournament scoring with 32 points in three games.

“Buffalo or Bust” was the Fairport slogan and they never busted. At Buffalo the athletes from eight teams were received with a banquet at which time the teams were matched by drawing lots. Oswego High, twice conquerors of Aquinas Institute, opposed the maroon in the preliminary. It was a thriller and many Fairport cheerers, who came on the special train, made the auditorium resound. We qualified for the semi-finals by defeating Oswego 28-22.

Yonkers faced the “Red and Blue” next. But it was a different story. The Fairport boys outscored the Yonkers outfit in field baskets but failed on the charity throws from the fifteen-foot mark. The score at the end of the game was 25-22. This broke Fairport’s winning string of twenty victories. The Fairport followers came home with sorrow in their hearts but a smile on their lips. Our boys had played clean and lost, just as they had played clean and won.

For the last time for Fairport High, the Bramer twins, Goyette, Walling and Aldrich adorned themselves in the outfit they had learned to love and respect, in the annual interclass contest. The Seniors lost to a team composed of Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen, 17-14. With this last contest the doors closed upon the 1926 and 1927 glorious basketball season of Fairport High.

Additional Caption from 1927 Hourglass Photo regarding their nicknames: These boys have worked hard to acquire those names. By virtue of proof they have affirmed it. We will not doubt them in the least. May we ever think of these names, whenever we are reminded of Rochester or Buffalo, for they did their best and that is all that anyone expects. The Best!

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