1931-32 Varsity




1931-32 Varsity
Not in order: "Zip" Dunn, "Ted" Phillips, "Frank" Wood, "Duke" Fitzgerald, "Dick" Bacon, "Leo" Clifford, "Russ" Dunn, "Don" Holtz, "Harley" Young, Paul Page, "Case", "Sullivan", Neil Charity (manager)


League Champion


Head Coach: Coach McWilliams
Bacon, Dick
Clifford, Leo
Dunn, Edward
Dunn, Russ
Fitzgerald, Duke
Holtz, Don
Page, Paul
Phillips, TedX
Wood, FrancisX
Young, Harley

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
9L15-21East Rochester
10W25-24Honeoye Falls
13W27-20Corning Northside
17W15-14Corning Northside
19W41-16East Rochester
20W29-11Honeoye Falls
24W21-12Geneva @ Newark (1st round of tournament)
25L19-24Geneseo (tournament semi-finals @ University of Rochester)
26W25-15Painted Post (tournament consolation game @ University of Rochester)

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

Hopes for another championship basketball team were very slim when the squad first reported to Coach McWilliams. From last year there were left “Zip” Dunn, “Ted” Phillips, “Frank” Wood, “Duke” Fitzgerald, and “Dick” Bacon. This quintet proved to be the one which later brought the Monroe County championship to Fairport. The remainder of the squad was made up of “Lee” Clifford, “Russ” Dunn, “Don” Holtz, “Harley” Young, and Paul Page. “Russ” Dunn proved especially valuable. Case and Sullivan were also on the squad in the first part of the season.

The “Crimsons” started out by downing Victor 25-18, although they did not show what the class expected of them. With the Brighton game, Fairport started on a four-game losing streak. Brighton, the first league opponent, handed Fairport a bad setback 22-17. On the following night, Spencerport did likewise, beating the “Crimsons” 23-18.

The next week Fairport met not only loss but disgrace, letting Pittsford do a very unusual thing, beat Fairport 24-30. The next night Fairport put up a good game but was beaten by Aquinas 13-19.
Webster, the next league opponent, met defeat by a smoothworking “Crimson” team 21-11. This was Fairport’s first league win.

During Christmas vacation Fairport High broke even. The Alumni, led by Mike Barrett and Roy Saporito, beat the school boys 20-28. Aquinas, however did not succeed in gaining a second win over Fairport. The game was close throughout and Fairport did not obtain the winning margin until the last minute of play when “Zip” Dunn sank a long shot. The game ended in a victory for Fairport 15-16.

Then came a big disaster. East Rochester beat Fairport at East Rochester, 21-15. Fairport’s fans turned out in a great number but were disappointed. The following week against Honeoye Falls the “Crimson” just managed to squeeze out a 24-25 victory in an extra period. The next night the Red and Blue tossers traveled to Geneva and lost a hard-fought game to a good team, 21-19.

The next game was with Irondequoit and with this game the “Crimsons” started on a nine-game winning streak. Irondequoit put up a good game but the boys from Fairport could not be denied and carried off a 23-16 win. The longest trip of the year came next. That trip was to Corning, when the boys took on Corning Northside High School. Although the underdogs, the “Crimson” passers conquered 20-27. The boys remained over-night in Corning and only joy of winning the game was equal to the fun the boys had that night.
Brighton was next on the schedule. With Phillips throwing them in from all angles, Fairport won another game 20-27. The next night in a non-league game with Newark, Fairport, through the efforts of “Russ” Dunn, who scored two long shots in the closing minutes, won by the score of 20-18.

Pittsford, a return game with Corning, and Webster were the next three on the schedule. Likewise they were three more victories for Fairport. East Rochester, who had defeated Fairport earlier in the season, came next. Before one of the largest crowds ever to see a game in Fairport, the “Crimson” tossers swamped East Rochester 41-16. Wood led the scorers with 13 points.

Honeoye Falls came next and was again a victim. Fairport won 29-11. Spencerport then ended the winning streak of the locals by handing them a 21-19 setback. Then in the final league game of the year, Fairport defeated Irondequoit 23-17. On the same night, Webster defeated Brighton, thereby giving Fairport the championship.

First, in order to represent Monroe County in the tournament, Fairport had to meet Spencerport, winners in the western section. Although Spencerport boasted of two previous victories over Fairport they met defeat 22-14. Fitzgerald’s all-around play in this game stood out, as did the clever guarding by Bacon.

Then came the first round of the tournament. Fairport had to face Geneva at Newark, and here again the tables were turned with a 21-12 victory for Fairport. This win gave the locals the right to enter in the semi-finals at the University of Rochester.
At the Sportsmanship Luncheon, Fairport drew Geneseo as their opponent for that night. The Fairport boys could not seem to get going at any time during the game and as a result lost 24-19. The boys felt awfully bad about this game for they knew that they should have done better. The Fairport fans turned out in large numbers.

In the final game of the year, the consolation game with Painted Post, Fairport again hit their stride and turned in a 25-15 victory.

Although the start of the season was very poor, it was really one of the best in recent years and next year will no doubt put out another good team. This year the team was led by Co-captains, “Ted” Phillips and “Frank” Wood. The manager, Neil Charity, proved to be one of the best possible, doing all the work in excellent manner.

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