1935-36 Varsity




1935-36 Varsity
Not in order: Coach Burton, Joe Cascini, Johnny DeDomenico, Elmer Hess, Dick Hogan, Bob Mabry, Bill Maybee, Joe Messerino, Gordon Scott, Hank Vigaretti, Milton McMahon (Manager)


Head Coach: Coach Burton
Cascini, JoeJunior
DeDomenico, JohnnyJunior
Hess, ElmerJunior
Hogan, DickSenior
Mabry , BobJunior
Maybee, BillJunior
Messerino, JoeXJunior
Scott, GordonSenior
Vigaretti, HankSenior

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
6L21-26East Rochester
12W35-17Honeoye Falls

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

In response to Coach Burton’s call for candidates, a squad of sixty turned out. After several practice sessions the squad was cut to twenty-five who saw action throughout the season either on the first or second team.

On Thanksgiving Eve we welcomed our first rival, Victor. By this 27 to 17 victory Fairport has kept up her old tradition of never having lost to Victor.

Fairport then met defeat at the hands of Brockport by the score of 41 to 19 and to Spencerport by the count of 21 to 16. The following week the home team set back the over-confident and cocky Vocational team from Rochester by the score of 26 to 21.

The Red and Blue then fell before Webster by the score of 40 to 22. Next came East Rochester which was forced to put on a spurt in the closing minutes to take a 26 to 21 victory. Fairport again went down to defeat before Brighton by the score of 50 to 15.

The following week Fairport pulled the greatest up-set of the year by defeating the defending champions by the score of 18 to 15. The smaller home team put on one of the greatest defensive games in the school’s history. Up to this point Irondequoit had scored an average of 40 points per game.

The home team, seeming to be on a winning streak, was set back by Pittsford, 31 to 22, only to come back and win their next three games; the first, a one-sided victory over Hilton, by the count of 38 to 15. Then we took a thriller over Albion, 38 to 36, in two over-time periods. Messerino tied the score in the closing minutes of the game and then scored all the points in the overtime period to give his team the victory.

Honeoye Falls furnished very little opposition and Fairport came out with a 35 to 17 victory. The Red and Blue team then dropped its last two games to Scottsville, 25 to 24, and to Holley, 45 to 18.

The season, although not a winning one, did develop a combination that should bring a winning team to F. H. S. next year. Among the veterans who will no longer play under the Red and Blue banner are Hank Vigaretti, Dick Hogan, and Gordon Scott.

With the return of such first team veterans as Joe Messerino, Joe Cascini, Elmer Hess, Johnny De Domenico, Bill Maybee, Bob Mabry and such reserve strength as “Bill” Wilson, “”Doug”” Wilson, Mike Beato and Lester Conover we should shape into a smooth working team, which has already proved itself capable of graduating into first team ranks. Next year’s team will be under the captaincy of Elmer Hess and under the management of Bob Anderson.

After the season began, a team called the “Bear Cats” was formed of inexperienced players who were cut from the first or second team, and this group was put in the hands of Coach Tarbell who taught them the fundamentals of the game. To him much praise should be given for his time and efforts in the development of material for the future teams of Fairport High.

At the close of the varsity season an inter-class schedule was played consisting of A and B leagues with the Juniors taking the honors in both leagues.

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