1934-35 Varsity




1934-35 Varsity
Not in order: Coach Tarbell, Joe Guarino, Karl Guelich, "Shanty" Hogan, Clarence "Cliney" Holtz, Glen Johnson, Joe Messerino, Bob Potter, Roger "Boxy" Ryan, "Hank" Vigaretti


Head Coach: Coach Tarbell
Guarino, Joe
Guelich, Karl
Hogan, "Shanty"X
Holtz, Clarence
Johnson, Glen
Messerino, Joe
Potter, Bob
Ryan, Roger "Boxy"X
Vigaretti, Hank

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
6L12-30East Rochester
14L18-27East Rochester

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

In response to Coach Tarbell’s call for candidates, seventy-two men reported for the initial basketball practice last fall. After a few practice sessions, this squad was cut to thirty-one men who remained on the squad the greater part of the season.

The first game was with Victor on our court. True to tradition of never having lost to Victor and never having won by more than seven points, Fairport won 26-19. The next night the team participated in a Thanksgiving attraction at Benjamin Franklin High School and lost to the team from that school by a fairly close score.

The next two games went to our opponents, Webster winning 19-12, and the championship Ontario team winning 41-10. The next week Pittsford came to Fairport and was conquered by a score of 22-11.

After this however, fortune withheld her smiles from the local boys. We lost to East Rochester, Brighton, Irondequoit, Ontario and Webster in succession.

Fairport next invaded the western half of the Monroe County League and defeated Spencerport 30-19. Spencerport finished fourth in their half of their league and Red and Blue supporters drew some solace from the fact that they were up against stiffer competition than their western neighbors. In the next game Pittsford defeated Fairport 22-15. This game was particularly remarkable only for the fact that Karl Guelich broke out with the measles while the game was in progress. After again defeating Spencerport, East Rochester and Brighton were met with disastrous results.

Victor was played again as the final home game of the season and again met defeat, this time 22-20. The last game was with Irondequoit, which school won the league championship at the end of the season. Irondequoit was taking no chances on losing the trophy and beat the Red and Blue by the decisive score of 33-18.

The season was rather successful in developing talent for the years to come. With seven lettermen as a nucleus, next year’s team should be a successful one. Co-captain Ryan, Clarence Holtz, Karl Guelich and Glen Johnson will be lost to the team next year and we note their passing from the ranks of eligible players with regret. Joe Messerino will captain next year’s team and Milton McMahon will manage it.

Throughout the season, Coach Tarbell’s intra-mural basketball program was carried on in a very successful manner. Six teams competed under the direction of a varsity player as coach. The Seniors, with Clarence Holtz as coach, won the league competition and then defeated the Sophomores in a play-off game. After the end of the varsity season, an open interclass tournament was held. This was also won by the Seniors.

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