1936-37 Varsity




1936-37 Varsity
Back 2 rows, not in order: Coach Cummings, Mike Beato, Joe Cascini, Gordon Fake, Elmer Hess, John De Domenico, Kenneth Dunn, Joe Messerino, Walter Smith, Wilson (Brother1), Wilson (Brother2), Wilson (Brother3), Bob Anderson (Manager)


Head Coach: Joseph Cummings
Beato, MikeX
Cascini, JoeSenior
DeDomenico, JohnSenior
Dunn, Kenneth
Fake, Gordon
Hess, ElmerXSenior
Messerino, JoeSenior
Smith, Walter
Wilson, D.
Wilson, (Brother #2?)
Wilson, (Brother #3?)

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
7W16-14East Rochester
14L11-19East Rochester

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

Coach Cummings’ call for basketeers was responded to by some seventy-five candidates. After several long grinds and experiments the squad was cut down to twenty-five players. Eleven players made up the varsity and the remainder composed the reserves. The varsity consisted of such veterans as Joe Messerino, Joe Cascini, Captain Elmer Hess, John De Domenico, Walter Smith, Kenneth Dunn, and Gordon Fake. Mike Beato and the Wilson boys who made the varsity grade completed the varsity squad.

At the start of the season Coach Cummings’ boys looked to be very promising. In the opener Fairport maintained its record of never losing to Victor by decisively beating its opponents 40 to 14. The Red and Blue entered league competition losing the first five games by a total of nine points.

Cummings’ aggregation came back to trounce its old rival East Rochester. Fairport went on to knock off Webster, the loop leaders by a score of 31 to 27.

During Christmas vacation the school boys downed the Alumni 26 to 13. Then something happened. The Red and Blue continued losing game after game by close scores. Many a time Fairport outclassed its opposition but just lacked the scoring punch. The defense was strong, holding most of its opponents to twenty points or less, but the offense was lacking.

And speaking of scoring punch, the reserves had plenty of it. The fate of the Fairport reserves was just the reverse of that of the varsity. Such stars as Lester Conover, Tony Stolt, Richard Bluhm, Chester Miner, Noel Pridgeon, Louis Masciangelo, Charles Arnold, Donald Williams and several others boosted that “cracker jack” reserve team. They completed the season with a considerable number of victories and only two defeats.

Led by Lester Conover, the reserves easily outshone any opposition. Conover was the “big gun” for the reserves both defensively and offensively. Stolt and Miner provided the scoring punch and R. Bluhm controlled the top to make possible their winning plays.

At the close of the season two Fairport men received honors on the All-County court squad. Joe Messerino, ex-captain and Elmer Hess, Captain of this year’s squad, received honorable mention.

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