1933-34 Varsity




1933-34 Varsity
Not in order and others missing: Coach McWilliams, "Joe" Guarino, "Shanty" Hogan, Cliney" Holtz, Karl Guelich, "Jo-Jo" Messerino, "Rico" Pomponio, Roger Ryan, "Zeke" Seaman, "Hank" Vigaretti, "Chickie" Young, Fisk (Manager)


Head Coach: Coach McWilliams
Guarino, Joe
Guelich, Karl
Hogan, "Shanty"
Holtz, "Cliney"
Messerino, Joe
Pomponio, "Rico"
Ryan, Roger "Boxy"
Seaman, "Zeke"
Vigaretti, Hank
Young, "Chickie"

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
1W21-14Victor @ Fairport
2L17-21Irondequoit @ Fairport
3L8-23Fairport @ Brighton
4L14-32Penfield @ Fairport
5W18-12Pittsford @ Fairport
6W26-25East Rochester @ Fairport
7L18-21Fairport @ Webster
8L22-27Fairport @ Irondequoit
9L21-26Brighton @ Fairport
10L14-20Fairport @ Pittsford
11L16-20Fairport @ East Rochester
12L18-32Fairport @ Aquinas
13L23-25Webster @ Fairport
14W21-19Sodus @ Fairport
15L9-19Fairport @ Penfield

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

The initial call for the basketball season of 1933-34 was answered by a promising group of young athletes. With six veterans back, Fairport’s hopes for another championship team looked very good. The six veterans were: Captain-elect, “Zeke” Seaman, “Rico” Pomponio, “Cliney” Holtz, Karl Guelich, Roger Ryan and “Chickie” Young. The four reserve men from last year’s team which completed the team were “Shanty” Hogan, “Joe” Guarino, “Hank” Vigaretti and “Jo-Jo” Messerino.

On Thanksgiving Eve, the Red and Blue defeated Victor in the opening game of the year, 21-14.

In its league debut, Fairport bowed to Irondequoit after a thrilling battle which ended 21-17. In the next two games, Fairport did not fare so well. She was badly beaten by both Brighton and Penfield.

However, in the next two games Fairport upset the dope bucket by defeating Pittsford and then trouncing our old rival East Rochester, in an overtime contest, 26-25. This was the most thrilling game of the year and the result was not decided until Ryan sank a field goal in the last minute of play.

Webster humbled the Red and Blue in the next game. Nevertheless, Fairport showed a reversal of form in the following game by barely being nosed out by Irondequoit, 27-22. Fairport, with Young tossing them in from the center, almost overtook Irondequoit in the last quarter.

Fairport next met the strong Brighton team and almost administered its first defeat of the season. It was Hogan, pivot man, who kept Fairport in the running. Our team led every minute until the last three minutes when Brighton bombarded the Fairport basket and the game ended, Brighton 26, Fairport 21. After this fine game against Brighton, Fairport went on a four game losing streak, losing to Pittsford, East Rochester, Aquinas and Webster. In the last home game of the year, the Red and Blue defeated Sodus, 21-19.

On the following Friday, Fairport ended its basketball season by losing to Penfield 19-9.

Next year’s team will be without the services of three of this year’s first team. Those who will be missing are Captain Seaman, forward; Young, center; and Pomponio, guard.

Fisk, this year’s manager, handled all the team’s business in excellent style. “Jim” Charity will manage next year’s team.

At a meeting of the letter men “Boxy” Ryan and “Shanty” Hogan were elected co-captains and they will lead the Red and Blue team through the 1934-35 season, with the assistance of Joe Messerino, “Hank” Vigaretti, Joe Guarino, “Cliney” Holtz, Karl Guelich, Bob Potter and members of the reserve squad.

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