1932-33 Varsity




1932-33 Varsity
Not in order and others missing: Coach McWilliams, Leo Clifford, Karl Guelich, "Cliney" Holtz, Donald Holtz, "Rico" Pomponio, Roger Ryan, "Zeke" Seaman, Allan Sullivan, Jacque Wilson, "Chickie" Young


Head Coach: Coach McWilliams
Clifford, Leo
Guelich, Karl
Holtz, "Cliney"
Holtz, Donald
Pomponio, "Rico"
Ryan, Roger "Boxy"
Seaman, "Zeke"
Sullivan, Allan
Wilson, Jacque
Young, "Chickie"

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
1L13-14Fairport @ Newark
2W18-13Victor @ Fairport
3L17-28Fairport @ Benjamin Franklin
4W20-17Fairport @ Seneca Falls
5L12-18East Rochester @ Fairport
6W22-20Fairport @ Brighton
7L18-20West High @ Fairport
9T17-17Irondequoit @ Fairport
10L15-29Fairport @ Webster
11L25-28Ontario @ Fairport
12L8-13Webster @ Fairport
13L11-28Fairport @ Corning
14L21-24Fairport @ Irondequoit
15W27-24Brighton @ Fairport
16L21-43Fairport @ East Rochester
17L22-24Pittsford @ Fairport
18L12-17Fairport @ Pittsford
19W30-14Fairport @ Ontario
20W25-21Seneca Falls @ Fairport
21L21-25Corning @ Fairport

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

Because of the loss of five lettermen by graduation, Fairport High’s hopes for a cup winning team were not voiced loudly. However, neither the coach nor the team was discouraged and they did their best to put Fairport in a winning stride.

The team traveled to Newark for the opening game and, after a hard fought battle lost out by the score of 14-13.

Victor opposed us Thanksgiving eve on our own court and met defeat at the hands of our boys in a rough and tumble game. The score went down on record 18-13.

Our next game was with Benjamin Franklin at Benjamin Franklin. The team started out with no hopes of winning; however, they came out much better than all expected with a score of 28 for Benjamin Franklin and 17 for Fairport. This defeat was followed by a victory at Seneca Falls the next week. This encouraged the team and their spirits were soaring high the night they met East Rochester on the home court. This was a grand battle and both teams, being old rivals strove very hard to win. Fairport, however, fought a losing game with a score of 18-12.

After this bitter defeat we took Brighton into camp on their court in a game surprising to both the spectators and the players, by the score of 22-20.

Our next game was with West High in our gym. This was another hard fought battle and at the final whistle the score showed our opponents victors by two points.

A rather amusing game was the one with the Alumni. Of course, the Alumni team consisted of regulars from former teams of Fairport High, most of whom have been playing on professional or semi-professional teams since their graduation. However, they were very much surprised at the brand of basketball our lads played, and won a well- earned victory by the score of 21-17. That same week we tied a hard fought game with Irondequoit. This game brought back some of the team’s fighting spirit but they lost it again by being defeated by Webster the next week with a score of 29-24.

When Webster came here, we were prepared to avenge our former defeat but they gave us another setback to the tune of 13-8.

The next game was the most exciting for the team as they traveled to Corning for an over night stay. They dropped the game to Corning with the score of 28-11.

Looking at the score sheet, the season does not seem so successful. However, we must realize that the Fairport boys tried very hard to retain Fairport’s Athletic prowess. The close scores of several games certainly indicates that our boys fought from start to finish. The school regrets to lose such fine sports as Paul Page, the high scorer for the season, Allan Sullivan, Leo Clifford, Jacque Wilson and Donald Holtz.

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