1930-31 Varsity




1930-31 Varsity
Not in order: Captain "Mike" Barrett, Edward Dunn, Roy Saporito, Francis Wood, "Ted" Phillips, Earl Barnhart, "Duke" Fitzgerald, Fred Weisenberger, "Dick" Bacon, "Art" Steffen


League Champion


Head Coach: Coach McWilliams
Bacon, Dick
Barnhart, Earl
Barrett, MikeX
Dunn, Edward
Fitzgerald, Duke
Phillips, Ted
Saporito, Roy
Steffen, Arthur
Weisenberger, Fred
Wood, Francis

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Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

Coach McWilliams’ call for basketball candidates was answered by eight lettermen from last year-Captain “Mike” Barrett, Edward Dunn, Roy Saporito, Francis Wood, “Ted” Phillips, Earl Barnhart, “Duke” Fitzgerald, and Fred Weisenberger. There were also many newcomers, fighting for a berth on the squad. Two proved to be useful material “Dick” Bacon, and “Art” Steffen.

The team got off with a bad start at Newark to the tune of 17 to 29, the night before Turkey Day. This game may have been very important to show the strong points and the weak spots. Resulting from some fine talking by the Coach the boys turned the table and found themselves on the long end of the count the following night with a strong and fast Victor club.

The next week brought our first league fray which proved to be an easy one. In this game with Webster the choice five of the crop proved to function in perfect harmony to take their bitter enemies by a one-sided score of 27 to 6.
Perhaps this game gave the boys excess self-confidence, for they did not justify themselves against Benjamin Franklin. This team represented Monroe County in the sectional tournament later in the season.

The following week brought the team back to their old form, defeating Irondequoit by 2 points in a very close game on the Irondequoit court. Fairport led throughout the game but with a very slight margin.

We continued our winning streak until we met Irondequoit down here. Between these two games we took a fast Brockport quint into camp along with the mighty forces of 1930. Our old stars, Watson and Hogan, showed up well for the Alumni. The following week brought us in contact with a team new to the league, Brighton. They showed up well for not having much experience and only three classes to chose from. The next game showed a war on scoring in giving Pittsford a trouncing to a tune of 36 to 9. In this game all the subs saw action and some of them were able to find the basket.

There was much worry about the school preceding the next game. But as the days grew fewer the worries grew fewer as a rumor was heard that Spencerport’s star, Kincaid, was inelligible to play that week. The game which we played was a key to success, and was taken in easy fashion.

We were now before our old rivals, East Rochester. No matter how poor a team East Rochester has, they always fight a strong battle against Fairport. For a time prospects looked rather dismal. Although the score stood 14 to 7 for us at half time, it looked bad as their foes had plenty of fight and scoring ability. In the next quarter this was displayed. With time out and a substitution, Fairport was once more able to take a hard game 26 to 22.

In this next game Captain Barrett showed our old friends from Webster how to score, throwing in seven field goals and a free try.

We now found ourselves before Irondequoit, the toughest team, and the one which gave us our first and only league setback of the season. At half time both teams were in a deadlock at 8 all. In this final half our huskies were unable to find that extra punch to put this game across, giving Irondequoit the fray, 19 to 15.

The next week found the boys in their old shoes beating Brockport by a large margin of 47 to 13 in a very one-sided contest, Barrett gathering more points to his individual credit than the opposing team, 19 in all.

This ability was again displayed by defeating Brighton 50 to 28. Barnhart and Saporito were the outstanding scorers with 16 and 15 points respectively. Saporito, one of the most dependable players of the year, came out and showed his talent by looping in 15 points. The following week the team journeyed to Rochester to play the city shop school. With Barrett scoring 16 points we were able to defeat them 36-19, thus adding another victory to our long list. Soon afterwards we met Pittsford again to end our fine schedule with a trim of 29 to 9. A great deal depended upon our next game. If we won, the league tournament was practically won. If we lost, we would be tied with Irondequoit. The loyal supporters who upheld the team and traveled with them to Spencerport saw the boys come from behind to take a very close game. This game showed that they had real fight and could use it if the time came. Barnhart and Saporito again came to the top with 11 and 8 points for their contribution. Kincaid, who was considered Spencerport’s whole team, was held to 9 points. The final whistle found the score 28 to 21.

The following Friday found us again before our old rivals, East Rochester. This game was fast and close throughout. Neither team was able to lead by more than 4 points. The end found us victorious, 41 to 35.

This ended the regular basketball season, but by winning the league we had to play the Benjamin Franklin School in Rochester to decide the champions of Monroe County, and to see who could play in the tournament at Rochester.

Due to a carbuncle on Barrett’s arm and an illness of Barnhart, we were defeated by the small margin of 23 to 21. The boys fought hard and nearly came through on top in spite of these unfortunate happenings. After this game we played one with the Town Team to determine the village champions, and to clear a debt for the Legion. The school team were the winners. We also played a benefit game for the Seniors with Geneva and won. In this game, Captain Barrett, Arthur Steffin, Roy Saporito, Earl Barnhart, and Fred Weisenberger were seen for their last time with the Fairport High School team.

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