1965-66 Varsity




1965-66 Varsity
First Row: B. Porta, B. Crego, Jon Paddock Second Row: F. Heil, Gary Atkinson Third Row: B. Russell, B. Stone Fourth Row: P. Brownell, G. Granger, L. Sleeman Fifth Row: Gary Raymond, Jan DeLano Sixth Row: L. Brown, Bill Shearer


Head Coach: Wes Paddock
Atkinson, Gary
Brown, L.
Brownell, P.
Crego, B.
DeLano, JanX
Granger, Glenn
Heil, Fred
Paddock, Jon
Porta, Bob
Raymond, Gary
Russell, B.
Shearer, BillX
Sleeman, Lex
Stone, B.

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
1WNR-NRFairport vs. Newark
2WNR-NRWest High vs. Fairport
3WNR-NRFairport vs. West High
4LNR-NRFairport vs. Hilton
5WNR-NRRush Henrietta vs. Fairport
6LNR-NRE.R. vs. Fairport
7WNR-NRFairport vs. Penfield
8LNR-NRNewark vs. Fairport
9LNR-NRPittsford vs. Fairport
10LNR-NRFairport vs. Brighton
11LNR-NRFairport vs. Rush-Henrietta
12?NR-NRFairport vs. E.R.
13?NR-NRPenfield vs. Fairport
14?NR-NRFairport vs. Pittsford
15?NR-NRBrighton vs. Fairport

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

This season the Varsity started with only two lettermen – Jan DeLano and Bill Shearer, this year’s co-captains. The 1964-65 J.V.’s with 7-10 records composed the rest of the squad.

Hustle, spirit, and great desire were the motivations that kept the team going strong.

One of the highlights of the season was the 56-50 win over the tall and strong Rush-Henrietta team.

The team has been led by high-scoring Gary Raymond and Bill Shearer. Jan Delano, the other senior besides Gary Atkinson, has often hit double figures.

The J.V. squad shows promise with a 5-6 record so far.

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