1958-59 Varsity




1958-59 Varsity
Kneeling: G. Everhart (Manager), T. Andrews (Manager) Standing: B. Remington, D. Long, J. Cummings, J. King, H. Cuykendall, B. Buscemi, T. Holt, M. DiRisio, G. Williams, E. Johnston, D. Hewitt, G. Murphy, R. Adams, Wes Paddock (Head Coach)


Head Coach: Wes Paddock
Adams, R.
Buscemi, WilliamX
Cummings, J.
Cuykendall, H.
DiRisio, M.
Hewitt, Dave
Holt, T.
Johnston, Edward
King, J.
Long, D.
Murphy, GordonX
Remington, B.
Williams, G.

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* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

Vigorous dribbling on a court. Swish! Fairport Varsity leads 2-0 against a strong Penfield team. The crowd is swelling with enthusiasm. A gigantic scoreboard is lit up showing the players and their numbers as well as the score and time remaining. Spectators have almost forgotten our old gym–leaky roof, large supports on the floor, and small bleacher area. Students yell as if the whole world should know how proud they are of the gym. Meanwhile the team is working harder and harder to break the longest losing streak in years. Thirty six seconds left–tie score. Careful shooting at the foul line brings Fairport its first win of the season–78-72. The crowd breaks lose with a roar. This was the story of Fairport’s first triumph of the season, a bright spot rewarding the team for its hard work and fighting spirit during a losing season.

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