1956-57 Varsity




1956-57 Varsity
First Row: J. Kane, T. Pittinaro, P. Goyette, P. Masciangelo, S. Remington, E. Carney Second Row: B. Bauer, B. Hannan, J. Ross, R. Nichols, M. LaRosa, A. Streppa, M. DiRisio, R. Myers


Head Coach: Wes Paddock
Bauer, B.
Carney, Edward
DiRisio, M.X
Goyette, P.X
Hannan, Boyd
Kane, J.
LaRosa, M.
Masciangelo, P.
Myers, Bob
Nichols, R.
Pittinaro, T.
Remington, S.
Ross, J.
Streppa, A.

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Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

This year our basketball team was faced with a serious problem. Due to graduation, we had lost four of our starting regulars. Therefore, Coach Paddock was faced with the task of building a new team around our two returning regulars, Paul Goyette and Ted Pittinaro.
To accomplish this feat, coach called upon some of the 55 – 56 Jayvee team. Among those who showed great promise were: Bob Meyers, Bruce Bauer, Steve Remington, and Matt DiRisio. So, he added these to his returning boys, mixed well, rehearsed and practised with them and crossed his fingers as the first game of the season approached.

So, we started the season, and it looked as though we had our problem licked.

Under the leadership of the newly selected co-captains Paul Goyette and John Masciangelo, the team was working well. We won our first four games and six of our first seven. We were on our way.

Then it happened! We fell into one of those dreaded mid-season slumps – one of those times when everything goes wrong. As this article went to press we were still in the midst of this slump. However, the boys were beginning to show signs of snapping out of the slump, our second game with East Rochester being lost by a single point. Victories over Pittsford, East Rochester, and Irondequoit featured the Varsity’s playing. As the season closed, the team showed great potential for the next year’s encounters.

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