1955-56 Varsity




1955-56 Varsity
Kneeling: H. Miller, D. Murphy. Standing: L. Steubing, J. Kane, M. Summers, J. Ross, L. Hallings, P. Goyette, W. Tiberio, J. Masciangelo, J. Burris, T. Pittinaro


Head Coach: Wes Paddock
Burris, J.14
Goyette, P.15
Hallings, Laverne13
Kane, J.16
Masciangelo, J.3
Miller, H.X10
Murphy., D.X6
Pittinaro, T.11
Ross, J.12
Steubing, L.7
Summers, M.?
Tiberio, W.17

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
7W72-68East Rochester
9W71-69East Rochester

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

After witnessing a spectacular 1954-55 basketball performance by the Fairport Red Raiders, spirited students, teachers, coaches, and players look forward to an equally successful 1955-56 season.

Although the Reds started slow with losses to non-league contenders Ben Franklin and Newark, they came back to be victorious over Brighton, Irondequoit, and arch-rival East Rochester, the game in which Laverne Hallings dunked 47 points to set a new school record. When the smoke surrounding the second half’s regular schedule had cleared, a three-way tie for first place stood between Webster, East Rochester, and Fairport.

The first of the playoff games to decide the champion found Fairport emerging victorious over Webster 59-54, through the combined efforts of Levi Hallings and Harvey Miller, who together scored 38 points. Once again the tremendous rivalry between Fairport and East Rochester was renewed as the two teams met on Webster’s neutral court to decide the first-half Monroe County AA Champ. Sparked again by 6′ 10″ Levi Hallings, the Reds defeated the Bombers by a score of 71-69, as Hallings netted 42.

Leading off the second half of play, Fairport won over Brighton and Irondequoit to get off to a good start towards what we hope will be another championship season.

Because of our press deadline, we have been unable to give you an account of the remainder of the season, but we hope the individual student will fill in the missing scores in the space provided.

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