2023-24 Varsity




2023-24 Varsity
Bottom row: Jonathan Roessel, Samuel Roselli, Nicholas Smith, Alexander Grejda, William Stanek, Mateo Palleschi Middle row: J.D. Ostrander (Manager), LaShard Lowry Jr., Sam Ostrander, Drew Sisson, Aiden Rivera, Landon Brunken, Jackson Rucker Top Row: Scott Fitch (Head Coach), Marques Garrett, Aidan White, Connor Kiel, Matt Keenan (Asst. Coach), Kyle Downey (Asst. Coach)


Head Coach: Scott Fitch
Assistant Coaches: Kyle Downey
Smith, Nicholas112G
Ostrander, Sam211G
Lowry Jr., LaShard311G
Brunken, Landon511G
Palleschi, Mateo1012G
Rucker, Jackson1112G
Roessel, Jonathan1210G
Roselli, Samuel1310G
Rivera, Aiden1512G
Kiel, Connor2012F
Sisson, Drew2111G
Stanek, William2312F
Grejda, Alexander2410G
White, Aidan3212F
Garrett, Marques3511F

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