2019-20 Varsity




2019-20 Varsity
Front row: David Munechika, Trevor Mulhern, Jack Lindstrom, Ron Kaczor, Derek Howe Second row: Drew Johnston, Andrew Smith, Matt Scarpelli, Matt Terzo, Max Molisani, Bruce Wilder Third row: Craig Howe (Asst. Coach), Kyle Downey (Asst. Coach), Stefan Milinkovic, Jack McDonald, Ryan Lucey, Kevin Gibson, Scott Fitch (Head Coach)


Head Coach: Scott Fitch
Assistant Coaches: Kyle Downey, Craig Howe
Gibson, Kevin1212F6'2"
Howe, Derek2311G5'9"
Johnston, Drew1512F/G6'2"
Kaczor, Ron1111G5'10"
Lindstrom, Jack212G6'0"
Lucey, Ryan2012F/G6'5"
McDonald, Jack3311F/G6'5"
Milinkovic, Stefan3012F6'5"
Molisani, Max312G6'2"
Mulhern, Trevor1012G6'0"
Munechika, David512G5'11"
Scarpelli, Matt2411F6'2"
Smith, Andrew1311F/G6'2"
Terzo, Matt2111F/G6'2"
Wilder, Bruce2210G6'1"

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