1941-42 Varsity




1941-42 Varsity
Tiraborelli, Lazerson, Kenney, Ansuini, Wood, Dudley, Williams, Barranco, Parkison, DiRisio, Bown, Hill


League Champion


Head Coach: Coach McGinn
Barranco, Russ
Bown, Leman
Dudley, R.
Hill, Dick
Kenney, Jack
Tiraborelli, Nick
Williams, BillX
Wood, Ralph

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
10W30-27East Rochester
16L30-33East Rochester

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

Only the most rabid of rooters expected a championship team when the 1941-42 edition of Fairport’s basketball squad took the floor for their first game. Graduation had riddled the ranks of a team which, during the year before could manage no more than a tie for second place in the Monroe County League. Captain Bill Williams and Ralph Wood were the only veterans remaining. When Captain Williams contracted pneumonia, what slight hope we had seemed to fade. Three straight losses in succession were suffered, although, fortunately, only one of them was a league game.

During all this time, Coach McGinn experimented with his line-up and after these three losses Fairport started their victory skein which continued unbroken in league games until the final game of the season. It is not the intention of the staff to go into detail about the different games of the season but we feel that a thumbnail sketch of some of the players might be more to the point in a book of this kind.

Captain Williams was the high scorer of the team despite the fact that he was out of the line-up for several games while he was ill. He was an inspiring floor leader whose shiftiness, agility, and eye for the basket made him “the man to be watched” on the Fairport squad. At the close of the season, he was honored with appointment to the All-County teams prepared by both Rochester newspapers.

Ralph Wood was the steadying force on the team. He scored moderately but his work off the backboard and his ball-handling made him especially valuable. He handled approximately one-third of the passes and during the illness of Captain Williams kept his green teammates from going to pieces. He was also named on both All-County teams.

Jack Kenney was the “dead-eye” of the club. When the opponents crept up in the closing minutes of the game, Fairport would pass the ball to Jack and rely on his trusty accuracy for two more points. Jack was given second team All-County mention.

Dick Hill provided the height and his long arms intercepted many a pass while his long legs, which carried him with deceptive speed, made it possible to clear the backboard ahead of the opponents who sought the ball.

Russ Barranco, the only regular on the team who is not a Senior, was a floor man extraordinary. He darted about the court knocking down passes and throwing the passwork of the opponents into confusion.

Many coaches feel that the sixth man on a team is their most valuable player since he can replace any man who is not up to par, and since whether or not an injury or sickness disrupts a team depends on him. Nick Tiraborelli had this role and he deserves much credit for the way he acquitted himself in it. Russ, Nick, and Dick all received honorable mention from those who planned the All-County team. To Coach McGinn, who piloted our team to a county championship in his first year at Fairport, go our congratulations and our appreciation. He is a fine coach and a fine friend to all.

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