1939-40 Varsity




1939-40 Varsity
Dick Bluhm, Herman Stolt, Jim Prescott, Dave Jordan, Doug Wilson


League Champion


Head Coach: Joseph Cummings
Beato, Jim
Bluhm, Dick
Jordan, Dave "Bunny"X
Prescott, Jim
Stolt, Herman
Wilson, Doug

Game Results

Game#/DateW-LScoreGame Info/Opponent
1L21-28East High
8W32-11East Rochester
15W31-24East Rochester
16L37-45Geneva (Sectionals)

Team Summary

* Extracted from Fairport’s Hourglass Yearbooks, unless noted otherwise.

The Fairport quint, under the able tutelage of Coach Cummings, won its second title with a record equal to last year’s-thirteen triumphs and one defeat in league tilts. With a handicap, due to Doug Wilson’s appendectomy and Dick Bluhm’s head injury which deprived the team of two good players for the first part of the year, the Fairport five marched to victory until the Webster game. The Webster victory of 23-20 awakened the team to the necessity of careful playing.

Therefore when the East Rochester game came, our lads were ready for it. The rivalry between the towns caused Fairport to be very happy when we triumphed over the Brown and White.

Herman Stolt, Jim Prescott and Doug Wilson were honored on all-county teams, while Dick Bluhm, Dave Jordan and Jim Beato received honorable mention.

Fairport’s hopes were high before the game at Ben Franklin when the Red and Blue played Geneva, winner of the Finger Lakes playoff. The game was begun minus Herman Stolt who had suffered a leg injury; consequently he played only about one-half of the time. Geneva led at the half but Fairport kept fighting until, with three minutes to go, the score stood at 37-37. Then, however. Geneva went wild; Fairport crumpled. Geneva scored eight points in two minutes. Fairport’s hopes of a sectional championship crashed for the second time in as many years. Despite the ultimate defeat, the season great success. The entire team and the coach, are to be credited with a fine record.

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